Dante’s Restaurants

Dante’s Restaurants is celebrating their 50th year serving people all over Pennsylvania. To get ready for the anniversary, Dante’s wanted to launch a fresh website that was able to feature all of their locations in one place. The main challenge was figuring out how to represent the distinct personalities of the individual restaurants, yet still adhering to one overall website structure. We also didn’t want to confuse users by creating a different layout for each location, so instead we used the subtle power of background texture and pattern. On each restaurant’s page, we switched the heading and background patterns to reflect the aura of that restaurant. The result is a clean layout that retains it’s usability, but still lets the viewer get a feel for that particular place.

Deliverables (some not shown): Website, Responsive/Mobile Website, Restaurant Branding, Logo Updates for 2 Locations, Packaging (coming soon!)

2011-2013 Dante's Restaurants Inc. Branding, Food & Hospitality, Interactive www.dantesinc.com