Our Journey

Adam Zangrilli was designing and building as a kid playing with Legos. With the support of loving parents he pursued his passion, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Architecture at the university of the Arts and Masters Degree form the University of Pennsylvania.

Zangrilli Design (est 1998), a design -build shop, is known for innovative and creative designs. (Checki it out on Instagram @Zangrilli.Design.) Adam's creative spirit is multifaceted. Kind comments about his art interspersed with architecture proved Adam's theory, everyone wants to live creatively. Maybe it is an amazing house design or maybe it's the t-shirt you choose.

A spark to share the Live Creatively philosophy with a wider audience ... ZANGRILLI creative was born. Our focus is simple. Affordable original art on t-shirts and other "stuff;" making it easy to Live Creatively! We're just getting started so check back as we drop original artwork on new products.

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Inspiration For Feebee Life

On a hot day, July 2007, it was love at first bite. (Yep, first bite.) Feebee, a scared, newly adopted baby, jumped to see the action on 11th street in South Philly. What did Adam do? He ran into the middle of traffic after her. Not knowing who rescued her, she showed him who’s boss with tiny sharp teeth to his hand. And so began the journey of trust and unconditional love.

Feebee’s joy was boundless. Big dogs brought out her protective streak, only for a minute. Some people annoyed her, she shook it off.Patience was her name when little kids wanted to pet her. Her heart, at the end of the day, only had space for love, positive energy…and food!

Feebee saw the kaleidoscope of life and loved every color, every facet of it. If you’re worried that the world lacks loyalty, authenticity, beauty, think about Feebee, or your special someone or furry friend, and remember love is all around.

Feebee Life was created in loving memory of a chihuahua who knew how to live creatively, 2004-2020.